Live streaming vía Whatsapp, Skype, or any other social network

Hi everbody,
I was wondering if anyone found a way to use n-Track for Android to stream its output to a social network.
My set up is as follow:
(Guitar + Mic) > Soundcard (Presonus 2|4) > USB type C cable > Mobile Phone (Motorola G6plus).
That way I can hear in my headphones (plug in to the soundcard) to the people on the other side of the screen, but they listen to the mic in my phone. I got no way to tell the programs to use the USB sound input.
As when n-Track driver takes control of the sound card everything works different, I thought that maybe someone found a way to make this works (both listen to people in my headphones plug in to the soundcard and people listen to my guitar and mic connected to my soundcard).
Thanks in advance.
Pablo from Argentina
PD: Hope my english is good enough to avoid any misunderstanding.