Locking up using VST Instrument

My VST instrument for drums used to work in previous versions, but no longer works with version 4.x. It clips, freezes and shuts down.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hey gwiesner,

What’s that VST instrument you’re using?


I’m using Groove Agent by Steinberg.


The demo works for me. What version of N are you using? I am on 1846. Perhaps a reinstall of GrooveAgent is in order?

I’m using the latest version available on the nTracks website.

What steps did you take to integrate groove agent with n? Perhaps I’m doing something incorrectly.

I just ran the GA setup. I assume GA is showing up in the list of VSTis in N-track? Also, when you say you are using the latest version of N, you don’t mean a beta, do you? Betas are buggy by default, thus they are called betas.

I’m using 4.0.5. Working for a software company I know all about the joys of beta software :slight_smile:

For some strange reason tonight GA works. I don’t believe I did anything different, but who knows.

Question: The drum loop appears to end, pause and restart at regular intervals. Is there away to get it to play continuously?

Thanks for your help.

I noticed in your autosignature the website for Kristi Strauss. What’s the affiliation? Is that you?