Locking up

Locks up when playing midi tracks

I just installed the latest version 9.0.2x64 build 3572. I open a new song, put in a midi track and record flawlesly. On playback, I get about 5-8 seconds of the midi audio and then nothing. It will continue playing but I get no output and if I hit the stop button it locks the program up and I have to use task manager to close it. I have tried different audio drivers and even reconfigured midi and audio settings with no luck. Am I missing something?

Note: It seems I can add a midi track to an existing song I have with no issue.

After much playing around, I found that the cause was the “Stop at end of song” check box. With it checked, it will stop the MIDI track about 4 measures after any audio track ends. If there is no audio track, it will play the MIDI about 4 measures and then stops outputing the MIDI but still plays on the timeline. If you hit the stop button or try any adjustments, it locks up and causes you to reboot.