long time no see

a song

well hello there gents and femgents
i did this song a while ago but thought i would share it with you. to see what you think. its far from perfect but that which is is not. if you dont understand!!
anyway feeback welcome + as well as - !!!

twas done on ntrack. but started to use sonar. then stopped doing music. (got interested in math) but think i’ll check out latest version of n. i have 3.3 and tried 4 in the early stages!! anyhoo toodle oooo

oh yes i nearly for got


its called skin and things

Sounds good.
Need to bring the vocal towards the front more.
Guitars sound great in the mix, but, had to strain a little to make out the lyrics (more so at the start of the song).

:D ??? :laugh: :cool: