long time to create wav file after record...

I’ve had a new problem lately, n-track takes nearly ten seconds from pressing the stop button after recording to place the track on the timeline and be ready for the next action.

this is recording a single 24/44.1-5 second track.

Any ideas what may have caused this?

using ASIO drivers, 512 buffer. 1.8 ghz cpu 1 GB RAM fast harddrive etc…

Did you happen to un-check “Generate peak files while recording”?
Preferences > Options

it WAS unchecked, however, re-checking it did not resolve the issue :(???

During the delay, is there any harddisk activity (ie lights on)? That will tell us if it’s taking a long time to write the file, or just waiting for ages before doing it.


Are the temp files saved to the same hard drive as the song? n-Tracks records to temp files, then does whatever it needs to do to put them in the song folder. If the temp location is on the same drive then all that needs to be done is rename them. If the temp location is on another drive there is probably a file move happening, depending on the working directory settings.

Check the options for the Paths/Working directory.

This has been simplified a little in V4. There a Browse button. That’s pretty self explanatory. That should be left blank so new files are created in the same folder as the last time the song was saved. Always save the song before ever recording the first track.

I don’t remember what earlier versions of n-Tracks did but it seems like there were more options.

I have the temp folder set for temp files and new wave files. currently the song files are even saved yet. I can open a new song file, record a 5 second track and it takes 9 seconds to respond after I press stop… I’ll try resetting the preferences and maybe that’ll fix it.

alright, that seems to have fixed it for now. still finding random stuff when I get it set to how I want it. :(

Sheez, still shouldn’t take that long to copy a 5-second wave file! Something’s screwy, but since you’re OK … ???