lookin for old thread

its called pumpin up the vol

hello everyone. i had some replies to a thread with a step by step guide on how to pump up the vol using db power amp or peakcompressor i cant remember which but one of the responses showed how to do a basic compression to make my recordings hotter, that was simple for even me to use :) anyway im pretty sure it was called pumping up the vol.ive done searches and it says no matches. now that i have ink id like to print it but cant find it.i have searched it before and found it. in fact i cant even find any of my old posts. did everything get deleted? thanks

Yea, the whole forum got zapped a couple of months ago because of a spam attack. :angry:

Look here


i thought somethin was up . thanks for the info guys.

Another one, probably with lots of the same stuff, is

Mastering 101

The first one is probably the one you wanted, though.