Looking at Drumming software


Since I don’t know how to hit anything. I was wondering which software is better. Learning curve wise. I had been reading a little on Fruity loops and was curious is express good enough or do I need the $99.00 dollar studio version.

Mostly need it to give me a rythm while i play guitar and yoddle a bit and scare the cats away :D


:) Smily :)

You could get a free vst instrument drum machine such as linplug RMF (sample based) or ephonic drumatic (synthesised), and program these in ntrack using the piano roll.
More advanced drum machine vsti’s include linplug RMIV, drumkit from #### and fxpansion dr-008 and BFD.
The alternative approach as you suggested is to use fruity loops or its competitors (I use Orion Platinum) which are more integrated sequencing packages with fairly decent drum machines / samplers included.

It seems this bulletin board censors the word ####. (thats that place where bad people go when they die). But if you just want a beat then why not go the free route.

Quote (mblackman @ Jan. 19 2005,05:01)
It seems this bulletin board censors the word ####. (thats that place where bad people go when they die). But if you just want a beat then why not go the free route.


Just kidding my Buckeye friends! :)

I agree, do it within n-Track, you might find that drum machines don't float your boat, and you won't be out the money.

Drum loops are always an alternative.

You could give a try at AlgoRhythm.
Much simpler than fruty loops but just for drum tracks it works fine


Thanks Guys,
I will give algorythm a try as well as the demo in fruityloops. I was hoping to lay out songs and them eventually redo them with a real drummer for that real human feel. I have heard some of the other’s work with Fl and was quite impressed.

Don’t forget MIDI drums that are probably already present via your soundcard or MS Softsynth or the like. For just laying down something to practice to or compose with, it’s fine and you probably ALREADY have what you need.

Program the hits in n’s piano roll and output the MIDI to your systems soft synth or soundcard MIDI synth. Remember, the generic MIDI spec puts drums/percussion on MIDI channel 10. Uh, usually… :)


There isn’t any thing in the sound card. I have an M-Audio sound card. While it supports midi and it doesn’t have any sound fonts in it. Since i got XP up I can play midi files again due to the xp I presume, where when I had 98 running I couldn’t get anything to sound out. Another ave. to explore.

Also it will be used to composing songs. Is Fl easier as a plug in than the old way I had played with was exporting a file from FL and importing in to N-track? Is there tutorials I can read on that?

Thanks again

Although I don’t use it myself… a bunch of guys on here are using FL and n-Tracks by ReWire. If I understand correctly, you can use FL as a VSTi OR ReWire it’s output into n-Track while Fruity runs in standalone mode.

Maybe some of the other guys actually using FL will chime in…


EDIT** I dunno about the tutorials sorry. Teej over at AUDIOMINDS posted a tutorial on using SFZ inside n-Track. That might be worth a look.

Fruity is great, I run it as a VSTi. It offers a pile of functionality for $99. Not too many DAW’s can match it’s midi functionality… Running it inside N is not a bad solution. You get 16 stereo tracks of Fruity that appear as “normal” audio channels inside N, which is pretty cool. You should D/L their demo, it does everything but saves, so you can get a very good test.