Looking for a bass

Anyone have one?

I am wantng to get a used Fender Mexican Jazz bass. Just wondering if anyone had one collecting dust they would want to part with. They are surprisingly difficult to find used and in reasonable condition. BTW, I am in Ohio, USA.

There are 3 on eBay right now (actually probably lot’s more if you don’t include “Mexican” in the search).

Anything on eBay is already being looked at. I have quite the watch list.

Hi Bubbagump:
There should be a lot of them around… You gotta go in to those Pawn Shops… Go through the phone books and make up a list of them shops and then spend a staurday checking them out… Yea never know what you might find…

TomS is good at sniff’in old stuff out…

I have a single plank popular '64 Leo Fender P-Bass… I got for $300.00…

It’s a beautiful Bass… and sounds just-as-good…


Wox is right on. You said Ohio. Close enough to a city that has a good local music scene? You’re likely to find a decent pawn broker or two in such a city. Cleveland or Columbus or Toledo maybe even; Cincinnati for shure. Even the South Bend/Elkhart Indiana area has a pretty active local music scene and a few nicer pawn shops where you could find such a bass. Make a weekend or two of it, make some phone calls, take a drive. Could find all sortsa neat stuff…

Hey Bubba, I know you are looking for a Mexican Fender Jazz Bass, but let me steer you a different direction. The mid-range (300 series and higher) Ibanez Soundgear Basses are quite nice. You can usually get them for about/under $200. They have a nice fast neck, active electronics with good pups and a solid (Badass style) bridge. You might find that you’ll get more tone for the money with one of these.

You cannot also find an Ibanez “lawsuit” jazz bass if you wait long enough. I just bought a “lawsuit” P-bass a while back.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Mar. 29 2006,22:33)
You cannot also find an Ibanez "lawsuit" jazz bass if you wait long enough. I just bought a "lawsuit" P-bass a while back.

As the "Spaniard" in the movie "The Princess Bride" once said, "I do not think it means what you think it means". There is no such thing as an Ibanez "lawsuit" P-Bass. The Ibanez lawsuit instruments were guitars with a head stock shaped like the Gibson's (Les Pauls I believe) of the time. There has been a lot of "hype" over the "lawsuit" Ibanez's. The fact is that some of the late 70's to mid 80's Ibanez guitars were of very high quality. Many of these instruments are considered collectible by B-quality instrument collectors.

For years, I have been praising the early to mid 80s Ibanez Strat copies (especially the cheap 100 and 200 series electrics). I owned a very cool Ibanez Custom Agent at one point. I remember the lawsuit when it was going on. At that time, I believed that Ibanez was being sued for copying the mandolin headstock from the Gibson F-series mandolins and putting it on their Ibanez Custom Agent Les Pauls.

According to the article above, Ibanez was sued by Gibson for the "mustache" shaped headstock. My bad.


DrGuitar - that’s why I put it in parentheses. However, when you search on eBay, the “lawsuit” keyword will help.