Looking for a generous soul


Hi out there, i don’t know if this is common knowledge, but, sony software specifically the acid music products, allow people who have upgraded a product, to then LEGALLY transfer their older version to someone else.
I am desperate for a copy fo acid music studio, Not for me, but for my Daughter who really enjoys making dance mixes with the program.
it’s pretty strightforward and easy for an 11 year old.
I know most will say get a job, don’t ask for freebies on forums, and i normally would agree, however…we just went through a major tornado, my wife and i have been forced to restart our business from the ground up again after 4 years of very hard work to build, now we are beginning again (including the debts of starting the business, right when we had payed most of the original off).
ANyhow, not searching for pitty, i could just really use a hand right now, and when i talked to SOny, the representative said it is completely legal, as long as once the update is installed, you no longer use the older version, and you send an email to SOny telling them who now has the older version.
Perhaps i won’t be able to get a copy, but at least someone out there may learn that you can transfer a software licence legally (with sony software, not may other companies allow this) to a friend or another person, as long as notification is provided to Sony.
thanks everyone and if i offended, upset, or just plan anoyed someone i appologise deeply.

Desparate to share music with my daughter…


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Sorry... I can't help with the ACID thing...


Excellent anser, very impressive, ok now help me out with this one…If boxers are so tough…how come they fight for a purse?..and a belt, sounds more like a fashion show to me LOL. Thanks for responding, i appreciate any contact, jokes, information, or suggestions. keep em coming from all please.

hi again everyone, i just reread my first post, i don’t believe i made it very clear, i am not looking for the very expensive versions…some are around 300 to 600 dollars, the specific program that she loves is the acid music studio 7.0. it’s like 60 dollars at the site. i do have some software i have to offer back as well, if you are a gamer. anyhow, let me know or if you know of another forum more appropriate for my request please let me know. I again apologise if i have offended or made anyone angry. I do think it should be known that Sony does allow this though. i was really surprised when the sales representative told me about it. so for all of you with older versions, don’t let them sit and waste away. Sony doesn’t mind and i think we should all take advantage of that in a day when most software companies would love to post a security guard behind you while you surf the net LOL. :)

Is there an Acid forum? Might be more likely to find it there.