Looking for control to save master EQ settings

can’t save EQ settings in ver 2099

Never mind – I had a box unchecked in the EQ window down at the compression area that says “show all EQ controls” – hate when I miss obvious things!
Hi, another “I can’t find this in the new version” cry for help!

A few weeks ago I had to replace my mobo/processor and reload everything (whee – all is twice as fast!). Loaded the newest version 2099. The master EQ window seems not to have (was at top) a place to save the frequency profile with a name for easy recall. That’s really crucial for some of us without good sound environments!

Can anyone point me in the right direction before I descend to whining to Flavio? I’m reasonably sure it’s my own eyes not seeing!

cordially, sing4you

You did find this? Just making sure.