Looking for feedback

not that kind of feedback

Greeting everyone, my name is matt and i am new to this forum, i have visited a few times to get some help and i must say that all of you have been very helpful, and not that i am registered once agian i need your help, although the following music i am posting up here is punk and may not be you first choice in listening i am simply requesting feedback and opinions on what i have written and recorded, so thank you for any feedback you can provide

try this one first its better on your ears

Two Weeks


Motis Operendi

The Night Before

Midnite messages

once again thank you for the feedback, let me know you think


i was really hoping for some feedback here but i guess not

The vocals are very harmonic and excellent, the song as a composition is very good, but the guitar player uses a lot of rock type chords on an acoustic guitar, especially in the intro. An acoustic guitar does not sound at its best with these types of chords.

Great piece of song writing, loose the intro and use some chords better suited to the acoustic guitar.


thanks for the feedback guy, i appreciate it greatly, i will sit down and try to work out a new intro, my band actually plays this song electric too and it works out well that way but i will reword the acoustic version