looking for freeware wav editor/burner

Hey does anyone know any free but good quality wav editors with burning capabilities?

No, but there are several free or inexpensive wav editors, (eg Audacity) and every CD-burning drive i’ve ever bought came with a decent burning program on CD…

This isn’t what you asked, but maybe you can get the job done with 2 free apps instead of one. :;):

Here’s a list of them, I don’t know what there like.

CD Burners


Yeah. Why does the wav editor have to have a burner? what are you wanting to do? ??? I mean, audacity will work for the wav editor, and you should have gotten a burn proggie w/ your burner. If not, there are plenty of free ones mentioned in that previously posted link or Windows Media Player has a built in burner (although it used to create artifacts in the recordings. But maybe that is fixed now?). Oh, and ntrack has burning capabilites now, doesn’t it? I haven’t used it, but doesn’t n have the ability to burn?