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Pro Tools 5.0.1 FREE Revision 2

Anyone know if this is available anywhere?
Pro Tools 5.0.1 FREE Revision 2

It’s not a crack - but it is a little old.
Just wanted to put it on a 98 machine to get my feet wet with PT’s

Here is a link to the readme for the program, it’s from 2000.


But it’s like trying to get the Steelers game plan
can’t find it anywhere. Just gone. Never existed. Very strange.
You’d think it was a national secret or something.

Most places I have found link back to Digi and they pulled PT Free a long time ago. Best bet is to do what you are doing and hit forums to see someone still has it lying around somewhere. I tried it a long time ago and it didn’t run worth a hoot on my old POS 98SE box so I forgot all about it. That ol’ PC is long gone somewhere…


Hi Gents:

Poppa Willis posted an opening message on the “Free Stuff” topic he started the other day…
You’ll find it there…
Just browse around the link he posted… It’ll only work on '98SE and ME… No worky on XP or Vista…



Most places I have found link back to Digi and they pulled PT Free a long time ago.

Thanks much though Wox. :agree:


I have it on an old computer in the basement. Screwed everything up royally.



What a great link you posted here Mark A…
I signed up for use of the storage site…
I hope they’ll allow posting links to the uploaded files and all…


I saw that link before, but it never showed the ‘start download’ button.
That was when I used IE.
Now I just tried it with FireFox - and everything good.
Thanks a lot Mark A

Beware - it has a rep for screwing things up - really reallty messed up my machine, even after uninstalling it…then again, I know almost nothing about computers…

BTW it was only 8 tracks and no plug ins. I have no clue what they were thinking when they released it. Had it allowed for plug ins, I might actually have switched to PT. And I’d be lots poorer today, and the music would not be any better…

Thanks for the warning Tom. :agree:
I always ghost before I add something like this.
Really just trying to get a taste of PT
I did come across some other support/add-on (maybe even plugs - I forgot)
files for this version while I trying to track it down. I’ll have to go back to my
history files to see if I can locate them again.

seven, I was forced to buy ProTools LE to get drivers for my DIGI001 sound card. It was only $65 or $70, which made it worth while, but I would never try to do any recording with it. The learning curve is ridiculously steep, and even after spending $35 on a fat how-to book, I still cannot get it to do half the stuff nTrack or Reaper, or even my old copy of Power Tracks Pro, do easily… It cannot even see the V-amp hooked up to the S/PDIF ins of the DIGI, which n and r can both see - and this software was written for that interface!
To be fair, I love it for mastering; the RTAS and TDM effects are wonderful sounding, even the basic ones that are included with the LE version, and better ones are available. I don’t know why, but anything I polish with PT sounds better than it did. Except that PTLE can’t read 32bit floating point files at all, even though the DIGI has no problem with them, whether playing or recording; so most of my recordings have to be converted to 24bit first…

My point, if I had one, would be that if you want to learn about PT, an inexpensive copy of LE may be a better way to go than the freeb version; like TomS above, I never got it to do anything on any machine when I tried it, and after discovering ntrack (way back in version 1 or 2), I never tried it again! Oh, and you might want to visit here, and read what PT users have to say. Forewarned is forearmed!

'til next time;

wynot and tom -
yeh, it’s a bust. I got it on. I can only import small wav files. It chokes on
anything of significat size. No use really. I did get it to play some files
and play around with the plugs. Actually, it’s not bad for small looping jobs.
And also the automation is pretty interesting. It’s old. Almost 10 years.
But it still loops better than N. (isn’t that something?)
No harm done.


The learning curve is ridiculously steep

Same with LOGIC - maybe more so.
But LOGIC has the best MIDI editting of any DAW

wynot - Just as a side note - I was reading (about dithering)
again after being taken to the shed. But basically, it appears
you will get better results (less distortion) with 24 bit than
with 32 bit float. Evidentally, dithering 32 float, is problematic.
At least according to this:

32 bit dither

I’m impressed - you have it doing more than I ever got it to do!!! :laugh:

'til later;

After playing around with this - I actually got it to work fairly well.

I’m using a Guillemont ISIS sound card on Win98SE with 1 gig of mem and
a standard 80 gig EIDE disk. I am using M-Audio keystation 49e as a midi input.

Here’s a pic of a few wav samples + midi.

(Save pic to your disk and look at it using a standard viewer
to see detail)

It’s very good at a lot of things.
The major quirk is - when you load in files, then try to play them, the program
tells you that your disk is to slow.
Just save the session, close the program,
then re-open the program and then re-open the session and all is good.
Hey - it’s free - got to expect some headaches. But it’s not really that bad at all.

I always thought that '98SE was unable to recognize more memory than 512 megs…
something like that…

Is it correct…
Pro-Tools is designed to work with Mac/Apple computers…
and to load Pro-Tools on a '98SE operating system is not for doing any serious audio work…
Mainly as a primer to get out of Windows base’d computers…


Win98 has a 2g memory limit, but there is a bug that causes out of or not enough memory errors to pop up if there is more than 512m under some scenarios.

Here’s a pretty good explination (one of the better ones), and a potential fix/workaround for the bug:


Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Feb. 01 2009, 11:22 AM)

Really just trying to get a taste of PT

Do this instead. Grab a pile of cash.... like several thousand dollars... set it on fire. While that is burning, find the nearest brick wall and beat your forehead against it. Then once your forehead is good and bloody, find anyone who will listen and try to convince them with great zeal that burning money and beating your head against the wall is the brilliant thing to do. Of course the same can be said about reparing Macintosh computers. :)
:laugh: Bubba G made a funny!

Do this instead. Grab a pile of cash.... like several thousand dollars... set it on fire. While that is burning, find the nearest brick wall and beat your forehead against it. (...)

So Bubba, I take it you find PT's really awful.
So what don't you like?
I mean even this freebie has a lot of neat features for arranging tracks,
(Cont D) for duping samples, (Repeat N times ) for larger blocks of samples.
Very handy stuff. Tempo changes. Multiple time diplays so you can loop
choosing either beat/bar or sample or time - Pretty easy to throw together
ideas without too much trouble.
Like I said - the biggest prob (with the free ver) is the file I/O
- other than that - I can't see the downside.
the routing is good. The looping is rock on. It's a clean interface.
And the midi works great also. Plus Loop and record works great.
And this was 10 years ago. So what are they up to - PT's Ver 8?
Yeh - I'd give it a serious look at.