Loop playback location indicator out of sync

I am an occasional user. One of my uses of the system is to record and playback short segments of music to steal licks from the guys that know what they are doing… In earlier versions of n-Track, when I went into loop playback, the timing indicator line was right on top of the playback, but now the playback is about a quarter second behind the timing indicator. When trying to follow short segments (2-3 seconds) of playback it is very difficult to synchronize the loop window with the desired segments. I read the discussions about timing and tried all those fixes, but no effect. The timing indicator, by the way, is right on top of the sound in normal playback.

this problem has been resident in N V5 for a long time now - it may have caused many people to use the wrong terminology when posting and getting a misleading reply - the answer is not simple as it is a combination of three things -

1… zoom size
2… type of audio driver used
3… buffer setting -

1… the higher the zoom size used the greater the variance in timeline behavoiur - this is due to Ns slow screen refresh, the timeline never seems to return directly to the start of the loop BUT IT DOES PLAY THE AUDIO CORRECTLY - here it gets conplicated as both of the below come into play -
2… the type of audio driver used directly affects the behaviour of the timeline - and -
3… the amount of buffer size used - the higher the buffer size the greater the inaccuracy of the timeline -

on my PC the best accuracy is obtained by using LOW buffering and MME drivers -

as an aid to setting things up - go to EDIT/grid - grid properties - set grid to BEAT to start with - then click on the grid icon in toolbar - now when you highlight an area you will highlight the whole area between the grid lines - by doing this you can clearly see how changes in settings alter the timeline - HINT - N plays the audio before it moves the timeline, so go by your ears not your eyes -

Dr J

Perfect read Dr J.

Buffering to Low did the trick. Very sensitive. Any lower and playback went staccato. Higher and the lag was there and timeline marker looked jumpy.