Looped Playback

Memory leak

I know some people here have mentioned a memory leak occurring in NTrack v4. Just to add my personal experience in case it helps to isolate the issue:

Last night I opened a project in build 1560 and selected the whole thing to use the playback loop feature. When I did this from the timeline (selecting all the tracks in the project) the CPU usage shot right to the +90% range. I found that if I selected only one track, the CPU usage looked normal but I was only able to loop through the project 4-5 times before the resources ran out.

Build 1560? Is that an old Version 4.0 Beta build from last year or something? There was a memory leak bugfix in build 1703 for Win 98 according to the changelog–can’t say it’ll help you, but it might be worth a try, even if you don’t have Win 98.