looping midi drums

repeat in same wave file

hey thanks for the help on manageing wave files. the best advice i found was to kind of format song and name the wave files myself so i could recognize them duuuh!! thanx

heres my problem im usung roland sg in internal midi for a new drum run why cant i loop these like i can audio files ?
it creates a new trac when i use ctrl shift paste. in my former audio files it repeated the selected in same file

whats up?can i repeat it in the midi grid some how or must it be manually entered for the entire trac i liked using the timeline thanks again for your help

hey ok i found out that tracs must be converted to audio to do this and my soundcard will not support internal recording of midid tracs. ill have to connect it externally with a cable — no thanks ill just get a new sound card(someday) for now ill just have to stick with drum samplings on my old optimus thanks for your help@forum