looping midi notes not working in 4.04

I noticed while selecting a group of repeating midi notes in the piano roll and selecting “toggle loop selection playback” for those notes, the notes skip during each loop when they should be playing continously. Any one else have this problem?

intel graphic extreme
512 ddr
usb creative sound blaster

Yes … I have a lot of trouble editing midi tracks in a new version. V2.4. was poetry regarding Midi edit.

1. After copying selection of notes, “paste” place notes randomly where ever it wants (back forwawd no metter) olthouhg pointer is corectly on the next beat. Sometimes while I fixing the point, shaded part of roll appears backwards due some stupid measure not conducted by me. Restart of the program fixed the problem.
2. Had a trouble with paste function in piano track. Every “paste”, causes appierance of “MIcrosoft error note” (that famous: “send-do not sent” fault and closeing the n-track. Problem solved with multiple cloning of track in the timeline, every one with different settings, and picking the last one as an active track. I was able, then, to make a paste function.
3. loop function in piano roll - not consistent, unable to define clear loop without a spare note. Problem not solved.

V2.4 was much more error free, no metter shiny tollbars.