Losing weight

how to

So it’s as simple as; taking in no fat, then burning off the fat the body already has stored? Should take a couple weeks?

It’s as simple as taking in less than you need to keep going at the current pace. Of course, as soon as you take in less you body thinks it needs to start storing because less is coming in. That’s the catch-22. Eventually your body starts storing almost all that goes in. Once you get to that point then you can’t lose any more, even when eating almost nothing. If it wasn’t that way just not eating as much would work so much better.

Here’s the bugaboo. To really lose you need to trick your body into thinking it doesn’t need to store anymore. Problem with this is that the body is too smart and knows full well when you are lying to it.

The best way just doesn’t work that well short term and it’s almost impossible to say on long term for most people.

I’m a short 5’ 4". During the band years I was 115-120 and was around there for about 30 years. When I first came off the road I jumped to 145 within a few months. I stayed there fo about 10 years. I got married and got up to a peak 185 after I stopped drinking. During the divorce years I dropped to 148 mainly because I stopped eating. Now I’m back up to 178. Not eating doesn’t cause any pounds to drop anymore.

I said little about exercise. I have no experience with excercise at all. I was so active when with the band long ago that I didn’t have to exercise at all. I sit at a computer all day long now. I’m so brain dead when I get home that I couldn’t exercise if I wanted. I’m mentally too pooped to physically move.

My body thinks I’m starving so it wants more and it keeps eveything I eat for later.

It ain’t good.

Thats interesting as heck!
What about belly rings?
They seem to work.
Clamping off so much, that their isn’t room for extra food.
People seem to loose weight and bulk size that way. Some say a glass or two of water first at meal time will do it to.

A drummer is the most athletic in a group really, with the obvious exception of singer types like Jagger or Beyonce or Shakira
What if the body gets used to less coming in?
What if I went to fruit and veggies only?
I think my biggest problem is loving curtain tastes.
I always say if you can’t be kissin on some sweet honey, you might as well eat some delicious snacks :laugh: (it goes something like that)

I too suffer with that over 40 problem. In my 30s I could just cut back a bit and lose a stone (that’s 12 lbs to my US friends and about 5kg to those who prefer metric).

Earlier in the year I cycled 10 miles a day to and from work for about 4 months. Thought the weight would drop off me. Didn’t (but I did feel better and muscle is heavier than fat).

I have had success with the no-carb, high protein diets. I’m not sure that it’s healthy longer term to do that but for a month it works. Gradually it tends to slip back on but at least I know why and hopefully I can manage that with exercise and better eating.

No carbs, tea without milk, NO ALCOHOL, plenty of water. A stone in 4 weeks is do able.



interesting weights and measures system you have in your part of the the world, Mark?
Here in the UK, there are (crazy, I know) 14 pounds to a stone and my wife’s sister managed to reach 32 of them! That’s an incredible 448 pounds at 5’3".
The hospital plumbers have performed a revolutionary proceadure where the stomach is bypassed but kept alive for later. But as phoo says, the body isn’t easily fooled. She has to excersize constantly and consume small amounts of protien every hour to trick the body into thinking there isn’t an input problem and to promote gastronomy. Ok, because she has no stomach, she can only eat an eggcup full of food at a time but she is losing a stone every 3mnths.

I hear you all…

I’ve been working on my weight for 16 months now…

Sittin in the driver’s seat all day doesn’t allow much time for exercise…

At one time I got pretty ill…
The doc laid it on-the-line…
If I didn’t get serious with my health I wouldn’t be around here much longer…
One morning I woke up…
It was a year ago last July…

I discovered I have so much energy now I forgot I had…
I am able to wear clothes I could wear twenty years ago…
I figure I’m back in style…
All cloths comes back/around every generation… If I keep at it, the doc told me I wouldn’t need to buy any of them
Blue Pills.


Them things are pretty expensive over here…


The worst thing you can do is starve yourself. As Phoo talked about… a starving body is one that slows metabolism and stores fat. The idea being, I don’t know when my next meal is going to come… so I had better store thingsaway
and use as little of my stores as possible to prepare for the worst.

And to clarify… do not try to lose weight. Lose fat. Jumping on the scale is much less what you want to measure. Order yourself some fat callipers and use that as your measuring method. In my case… I weigh about what I should weigh, but I would be happy to trade 5lbs of gut for 5lbs of muscle and I would be more or less the same according to the scale. But the callipers will tell a different story. If you are 300lbs, well, things will be a bit different.

Weight loss in theory is very simple. Increase your metabolism. That’s it. The hard part is how to increase your metabolism.

1. Lift. Everyone immediately starts running around the block. First things first… lift. And if you can’t lift, closed chain exercises. When i say lift, I am not talking body building. I am talking compound exercises. Squats, dead lifts, over head press, bench press. Those hit large muscles and the smaller supporting muscles. Muscles are hungry and these lifts target the large major muscle groups. Closed chain body weight exercises are the other group you want to use. Closed chain are compound exercises as well. What makes them closed chain is that your hands or feet do not move. Examples: pushups, pull/chin ups, inverted rows … your hands are stationary while you move your body through space.

2. Eat frequently. Yo yoing your body between feast and famine will screw you. Eat 6 times (smaller meals of course) a day or more to keep your insulin levels from jumping all over the place. Eat first thing in the AM especially (body thinks starving, haven;t eaten in 8 hours!) and try to avoid eating immediately before bed as you will have all that sugar in your blood stream and no where to use it.

3. Cut out crap. This is really pretty easy. You don’t have to go all hippie. No soda, chips, beer, ding dongs, chili dogs etc. We all know what junk food is. Avoid any sort of baloney “healthy choice”, diet bars/shakes crap too. Those usually are a sodium and other bad crap paradise. Cook like grandma did. Meat, veggies, moderate carbs. I don’t buy this whole low carb crap. It is just another way to starve your body and cause yourself to have limited long term results. But eat quality carbs. White bread and processed sugar are crap carbs. Whole grains etc are good carbs. Beware though. Just because it says whole grain doesn’t mean it doesn’t have corn syrup or other junk in it.

Also, don’t be afraid of fat. Be afraid of bad fat. Olive oil, fish oil = good fats. Transfats, saturated fats = bad fats. However, a little butter never hurt anyone from time to time.

4. Cardio. Add cardio immediately post lifting. Lifting and cardio are by their nature catabolic. So lump them into the same session. You don’t want to hose any lifting gains with a catabolic activity the next day. Lift then put in 15 min of cardio. Add a min per workout until you get to 45 min of cardio. This stuff is gradual. 6 months is reasonable goal to lose 10 pounds (unless you are huge, then you will have a much faster initial loss.) Cadrio doesn’t have to be falling over cardio. 220 - your age is your max heart rate. So for me, 220 - 30 = 190 for a max heart rate. For weight loss you want to have a heart rate of 60-70% of your max. 190 x 65% = 124 BPM. Once you feel what 65% of your max is, you will realize it really isn’t that big a deal. For whatever reason in this range the body burns crap the most. You can mess with interval training if you want… but I find a steady 60-70% of your max to work just fine.

5. Be methodical. Every time I am at the gym I watch these guys wander around staring at machines, doing a few reps… messing around with the next thing… no goal or plan. Keep it simple and focused. Work out three days a week. Look up Mark Rippetoe or Bill Starr as I really buy into their methods.

Alternate every other work out

Work out A
Squats 5 sets of 5
Bench press 5 sets of 5
Inverted row 3 sets to exhaustion
Push up 3 sets to exhaustion
Cardio (an elliptical is just fine)

Work out B
Squats 5 sets of 5
Overhead press 5 sets of 5
Deadlift 1 set of 5
Pull ups 3 x exhaustion

Any of the barbell exercises… start with just the bar and each work out add 5 pounds to the total weight (overhead press perhaps 2.5 lbs to the total weight as those muscles are smaller). If you hit a plateau and can’t make full sets of 5x5 (there are a half dozen popular 5x5 programs out there, this is sort of a distillation of what I have seen) after 3 work outs, deload to 80% of the weight you did and work your way back up. Eating is super important. Eat eat eat. When you start lifting, you will be hungry as hell all the time and this is good so long as you aren’t eating crap.

Also, don’t be naive and think because you are sore or or because it is hard you are doing it wrong. It will be hard. You will be sore (muscles only, if your joints are hurting, you are using bad form.) YOu may see stars… really. I have had days where I am at my limit of deads or squats and my body burns every molecule of oxygen it can find. Don’t push yourself to puke or pass out… but realize this is hard work at first. it will take 2-3 weeks for your body to adjust to the activity and soreness etc will go away.

That’s it. Do that for 6 months and you will be strong and lean. Machines and too many exercises will screw you. You don’t need to do curls and shrugs and incline bench and 5 types of rows… Large muscle groups and compound exercises are what you want.

Wow, entirely too much info.

the thyroid is god

No, the CNS is god.

that’ll be the Chinese National Standard, then!?

Central Nervous System. Get that on board and the rest will follow. Thyroid is but a piece of the puzzle.

I know, Bub. My wife has MS. Has done for nearly 30 yrs. All very subjective. The hypothalamus is facinating.

Quote: (TonyR @ Nov. 25 2009, 3:11 AM)

interesting weights and measures system you have in your part of the the world, Mark?

Doh! Well it was early in the morning - that's my excuse.

Heh heh. No worries. I got to a gig once without my guitar. How could I forget? Someone should have shot me that day.

Consistency is the key. Bubbagump has the right ideas, but I’d like to offer a few comments.

If you can do cardio before breakfast it is supposed to burn more fat, as the much of the body’s sugar reserves are depleted during the night.

Often, after a diet, people will gain their former weight back again. Much of this weight will be fat, and the weight loss earlier to some part muscle. So people end up fatter than they were. This happens, because people often use just aerobic exercise coupled with a low-caloric diet. So use weight training to get your metabolism fired up, this protects the muscle tissue.

Stay away from soft drinks, sugar-free is no good either. Artificial sweetening will make you crave more food and sweets. I don’t think its any good for your insulin levels either.


With bubba’s great post I would suggest, for squats; or any exercise with weights, you really need to do 8 to 10 reps. I would have to do almost 50 reps of squats (without weights) to feel any burn. probably in the 35 to 45 range. But if I add 50 to 100 lbs on my shoulders I can get a maximum burn or pump at 10 to 20 reps. 3 sets of 10 works great and gives even on oldie like me some decent swagger.
I liked your addition of pushups bubba :agree: Great comments guys!
I know the body uses up protein during sleep, so you have to replenish protein in the early hrs if you do early morning sets.

Nuthin to add other than, man, you hit 40 and everything changes, and not all for the better.

In most training, 8-10 reps are typically used when focusing on hypertrophy. Here we are more going for a combination of strength and hypertrophy. More strength means more weight which means more muscle which means more metabolism. We want thick muscle strands as water is not metabolic where as muscle tissue is. 5x5 is an old and proven method. If at the end of the 5x5 session once you get to real weight (remember, we are loading 5lbs on each work out starting with the bar to be able to focus on form initially working up to weight), you should be at or near failure. 5,5,5,5,4 for reps is common. There is a lot written on the benefits of 5x5 programs, so go Google. If you have to do 50 reps of squats with weight to feel any burn you are either doing them wrong (not going below parallel, bad back angle, 100 other things) or are very much under loading. Typical plateaus on 5x5 are at 1.2X your body weight at which point you will want to change up your program. Believe me, at 180lbs and with 225 on the bar… I certainly feel absolutely fried doing a full 5x5 on squats. Also, burn is indicative of lactic acid production… not a good work out. The two can go together, but you don’t have to have burn so long as you are hitting your numbers.

Cardio before breakfast… again, combining our catabolic activities. Sleep is catabolic (and why real muscle heads will hit a casein shake before bed to prevent catabolism.) The thought being, if catabolism is unavoidable as in sleep or lifting (the recovery is the anabolic part of lifting) you might as well lump your other catabolic activity, cardio, with them.

Sorry bubba, you did mean with weights, I stand corrected. If I get to a jim i’ll give the 5x5 a go. Sounds good. But I gave up lifting heaveier weight for the sake of using dumbbells for conveyance. So even with 50 lbs of dumbbell weight, I wont feel anything at 5 reps.