Loss Of Dynamics

From recorder to N-Track

Hi All, I am sure this has been covered, but I cant find it. My question is this. I record all of my instruments, vocals, etc, onto a yamaha AW16G 24 bit digital mixer. No processing, just raw tracks. I then export the tracks via CD, and import the individual tracks into N-track. I lose half of the dynamics when I do this. Anyone ran into this before? Driving me nuts.

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Are you just transferring the data files. If so, is n-Track set for 24 bit? Will your sound card in your computer play 24bit. Even then you should not be losing a signifant amount of dynamic. The quickest way to lose dynamics is a compressor and you said the tracks are dry. So… . I'm at a loss, unless you are putting the on the CD as an audio recording with software the adds compression.

I am so done with N-Track. After 15 years? I am jumping ship. Pro tools is a viable option these days. I just need consistency, Simplicity, and reliability. Cant seem to get that here any longer.

Sorry. See Ya.


Another question: are you burning audio CD or are you using data files. I know there is a setting in most CD programs to mormalize what you burn. If the volume is high enough that would cut the dynamics.