Loss of WAV files with freeze

Freeze, unfreeze, get wrong file back …

I’m fairly new to this app, so may be finger trouble, but I don’t think so.

I’m finding that WAV files can be not found on app reopening, especially after a freeze.

Typical example is this:
- record a track (A), get it sorted with various effects etc
- to save CPU load, freeze it
- record various other tracks (B, C, …)
- go back to and unfreeze A - wrong WAV file now! it is probably now using the same WAV file as - say - B
- original WAV file not to be found at all - only have the freeze file left for track A

I am always very careful to (1) keep a song in a folder of its own with nothing else, (2) not touch the files manually myself, (3) save the song before exiting / closing n-Track - so I don’t see what I’m doing wrong.

It also happens in various other circumstances, especially after multiple takes, but the above is a specific example. It generally seems poor at keeping track of which files go with which tracks.

Is this just me, or do others see this type of problem?

It’s not you. This was a common problem when I used n-Track back at V5. Apparently it’s never been fixed. Big shocker there… :disagree:


Check to see if you are using the Non-Destructive editing. I Never use Destructive editing as it changes the original wav ( or other sound file formats)on the disk. I am pretty sure Freezing can be done as a not-destructive (It should be Non-Destructive), but I am not certain as I am not at my “music” computer.
You might record a “junk” file and check to see if N_Track is changing the wav file when you freeze in Non_Destruct mode. IF it does, that would be a bug for sure. If you run the experiment, let us know the results.


I’ve used freeze in none-destructive and destructive without issue. I prefer to do a sub-mix or five and it’s easyer to file.

Quote: (bax3 @ Jan. 07 2011, 11:18 AM)

Check to see if you are using the Non-Destructive editing.

No, I'm not using destructive editing.

I'll see if I can tie it down, might be tricky though.

I ran a trial with Beta version 2673 (I am running Windows 7). I applied Freeze to the track after checking to make certain that I was in N0N_Destruct. I saved the mix file under a new (.sng) Name. When I opened the original mix file (.sng) under the old name the file could not be found. When I opened under the New name the file was found. I unchecked the Freeze and saved the new mix again. When I opened the original Sng file all the wav files were there.
So, I guess that is the way to restore your lost file - the .wav file was listed with the original dates and was not modified as far as I can tell.
I’ll report the behavior to Flavio.

The closest thing I could reproduce is the following (starting from an empty song):
- import a track and save the the song as test.sng
- freeze the track
- save the song to test2.sng
- un-freeze the track
- load test.sng
it will complain that the track’s wave file is missing. What is missing is however the frozen .wav file, not the original track wave file.
Unfreezing the track brings back the original wave file.
I’ll think about a solution for this behavior, one possibility is that when you save as a new .sng file n-Track could make a copy of each frozen .wav file so that each frozen .wav remains exclusive to a single .wav file.

The behavior above can’t lead to the loss of an original .wav file, only of the frozen copy. Please let me know if this might be what you have experienced or if it was actually the loss of an original .wav file it would be great if you could list the steps that lead to the problem.



No, I don’t think so, I didn’t do any saving as a new song name (at least, not after the original creation and saving to a folder). (Sorry for delay in replying).

I have not managed to tie it down unfortunately, but I believe it is related to track renaming and freeze / unfreeze.

I think it is related (in order) to recording a track, freezing it, then doing some track renamings and some other track recordings, then unfreezing the original track. Under the wrong circumstances the original (unfrozen) track WAV file has actually been overwritten (ie lost for good) by one of the other track new recordings.

If I could produce an actual example of how to do it, I would. I can’t at the moment, but I am sure it does happen. It probably depends what tracks are changed to what names, and exactly when.