Lost equalizer plug-in

I am using n-track version 3.3 and I seem to recall that there were 2 eq plugins.One that came with the program and one demo that you could buy. I recently had to download n-track again and now I only have the demo eq. Can anyone tell me if there were 2 and if so how can I get it back. I was using a Fasoft compressor which looked different to the demo version and I don’t recall buying it so I’m pretty sure it came with n-track.
Regards Jerry.

are you talking about this one?


No,that’s not the one I was using. It was similar to the top half of that one.It had no sliders just the dots that you move to adjust the eq.

Sounds like you are talking about the inbuilt EQ.
Double click on the EQ knobs in the mixer window and it will bring up the EQ for that channel.


Thanks Rich. Now I remember. It’s been a long time since I used it and I thought it was a plug-in.