lost function

cant use n-trrack

please help when i click my desktop icon n-track it doesnt pull anything up…help thnks

the program should still be listed under the start menu.
If you can run it from there a way to get a disktop icon:
Click Start > All Programs and right click on the N-Track program.
Then drag the program unto your desktop
Release the Right - click button and select “Make a shortcut here.”

If that fails, there’s a reg edit.

TonyR is more comfortable with editing the registry then I am -
I think I might be tempted to just reinstall the program if the technique I outlined above doesn’t work.

Bax is correct.
Hi Shay.It might be a good idea to do a clean install - un-install n-Track from your computer and then re-install it.
Let us know how it goes.