Lost MIDI Drum Names

Midi drum names have disappeared!!!

Hi All!

This is my first post & the bad news is…I need help!

I’ve been using n-Tracks for a year or more & it is fantastic! I recently upgraded to the latest version & have hit a minor problem. I’ve somehow lost all the names of the various drums in the midi tracks on the piano roll view. I presume it is a file connection gone haywire but don’t know how to fix it. The drum sounds are still there but I’m flying blind as I can’t see the names. I can get numbers up, the piano keyboard & notes but not drum names.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


If you right click the numbers, does it give you a dropdown box ? (Under Note name sets)

(What version of N are you using ?)


Yes it does give the “note names” drop down & there are four selections (Show Piano, Note names, Note numbers & General MIDI drums). When I select General MIDI drums, in the past I used to get the list of drum names in the window below. Now it is blank, & thus my problem.


Oh I forgot…version is 4.1.5 (which I think is the latest)…John

Under program files -> Fasoft -> N-track studio there’s a file with the name "banks_default.txt"

Mine is 800 odd KB in size and contains all the names.

Check it out…



Yep…found the file & also another just called banks.txt

Both files seem to have all the right data in them so I’ll have to find out which one it is using & play around with it to see if I can get them back. If not at least by using the numbers I can work out which number is which drum & that will be better than nothing.

Thanks for the help.

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One last shot from my side.

If you go into the midi track’s properties (where yiou can set the channel etc) there is an ‘instruments’ button.

If you click on ‘Edit’ it shows some more options of defined/predefined/unused instument defs. Maybe that’s a good starting point to start fiddling around in.

Hope this helps.


OK I have had a play with the default banks text files but to no avail.

I tried the track propertis Edit funtion in the “Instruments” button as you suggested & it crashed the program. Did this a couple times with different selections…same result! (I’m running Win XP Pro on a 3.06 GHz Pentium 4 laptop with 512 meg RAM…it should have sufficient grunt to do the job!)

As it stands at present I have printed out the list of names & corresponding numbers & will “play by the numbers” until I can work it out. Am open to any other suggestions.

If I can’t get it running I may have to unload & return to the previous version which would be a pity…but I notice from the board lot’s of people seem to have foregone the upgrades for the sake of stability.

Thanks in advance,

Ah, well - a workaround isn’t 1st prise, but if it help you to get the job done at least you have that. (although in my case too many ‘workarounds’ became the ‘solution’ !)

If it crashes on clicking the instruments button then there must be something wrong with the build you have (as you assumed) - either a bug that’s only on your system, or something that went wrong during the insallation. If you have reinstalled already, can you maybe submit a bug report to Flavio ? If there’s a problem he ought to know about it…

I hope you have it sorted out quickly - to me there’s not many things as annoying (in the DAW world) than when I’ve become used to a certain workflow process and then something goes wrong and I have to dream up / work with a workaround…

Cheers !


Email Flavio. If those names are in banks_default.txt and that file is in the same folder with ntrack.exe then they should be picked up. He will have better insight about what could be preventing them from being picked up.

FYI: bank_default.txt could be corrupt. It’s got some very specific things that allow n-Tracks to parse the text properly. Delete that file and reinstall n-Tracks to replace it. That should let you know if it’s a text corruption problem.


Thanks for the advice. I have reloaded n-Tracks from scratch & still no drum names. They are all in the banks_default.txt file & there was also a second file just called banks.txt which they were also in. I thought there may have been a conflict, but after reloading, the banks.txt file is no longer in the system but still no names. I think I’ll email Flavio & see what he can do from there.

Thanks again,

Email Flavio.

My instation doesn’t have banks.txt. That’s left over from previous versions and isn’t used by the latest vesions. There could be something left over from an old installation that’s interfering.

Also, on my machine if I delete bank_default.txt and run n-Tracks the setup will auto run and replace it…assuming the original install exe is in the same place.

This is the regkey for the setup detection

Code Sample
“A0E21374C340D9046B0D412854F7C2AD”=“C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\banks_default.txt”


Thanks for the info. I’ll check the registry keys as you indicated & see what it does & also try deleting the banks_default.txt file & re-running the program to see what happens.

I sent a note to Flavio & he responded indicating he is not sure why I’m having the problem. His suggestion was to re-load the product which I tried with no luck. It did though get rid of the banks.txt file so if there was a conflict there it no longer exists.

I’m going to try your suggestions later today when I get home (at work at present) & if that fails I might re-download a new copy of the program in case the one I am using has a corruption. Flavio also suggested I try the latest beta version (4.1.6b) to see whether that changes things. I’m guessing there is a conflict somewhere in my systems with one of the other audio programs (or something) & when the last crash occurred trying to edit the instruments in the MIDI Track properties dialogue box, I sent the error dump to Microsoft to see if I get a response (not holding my breath though!)

Thanks again & I’ll let you know how I go.

All the best,

  1. Load a midi track to n-tack
    2. Right click on the track and select properties
    3. In properties (at the right side of n-track) select button "Instrument"
    4. Select the “edit” button
    5. Select “import” button
    6. Browse after file C:\Program Files
    -Track Studio\banks_default.txt
    7. Respons yes to all options as they appear one by one
    8. Restart n-track and it is back to standard set up and will now show names of notes in the piano roll again (hurra)

Here is what to do it you note names have disappeared:
1. Double click on the left window that used to show the names in the midi editor
2. Delete all names in the left window that pops up (General Midi, Roland drums etc…There are many it takes 5 minutes to remove all these one by one)
3. Use the import function in the popup window (button below which says “Import”)
4. Browse the file “banks_default.txt” in the n-track library
5. Close the pop up window and all your note names are back
(I took me quite long to figure this out)