Lost my effect

Removed trial version, lost old effect

I installed a trial version of the latest N-track. Didn’t want it so I removed it. Now my version 5 has no effects. Where did they go and how do I get them back? Help…I have other VST’s but I like the n-track effects.

Have you determined that they are not physically located on th drive? If you are using windows, useWindows Explorer to look at the n-Track directory and see if the are there. It maybe that Windows is " confused" and has associated them with the later version you had installed. I am not sure this would happen. Perhaps one of the experts on operating systems can suggest a solution. Hopefully, you have copies of the effects. After you check those if they’re on the drive, youmayneed to drops a email to flavin for some support. I hope it works out.

if you haven’t added or deleted much since you did the uninstall, try a system restore, it might give it back to you so you can move them out and save them for future use.