Lost my solo file

PC rebooted - where’s my file gone?


My pc stuffed itself while I was working on a song and it rebooted. I lost a solo which I just don’t think I’ll be able to repeat as well as the first time.

I wasn’t recording the solo at the time of auto reboot. The solo file was completed and the wave file saved etc (just not backed up yet). But the file disappeared when the reboot happened.

Does anybody know if this file might be hidden somewhere on my Hard Drive?

. . . . or is it gone forever? boo hoo hoo


Check your preferences to see where N-track is putting the files. You may want to change it to the song directory while you’re at it. The .wav file is saved as it is recorded and hopefully will be intact. If your PC crashed during a disk access due to power failure or something there is a chance that the file is corrupted. In that case you might be hosed but otherwise it should be there. You may have to resychronize it on the timeline if you did not start your solo track at the beginning of the song.


Thanks for the ideas Jimbob,

I edited my above statement subsequent to you comments. I wasn’t recording the solo at the time of the pc crash. The solo wave file was recorded and saved in the song directory (but not backed up). After the crash it was gone.

Can any body help me?


Run a chkdsk on the drive a couple of times.

If you don’t know where that is… “My Computer”, “Right Click Drive letter”–>“Properties”–>“Tools”–>“Error Checking”.

It’s quite possible that there is an error on the drive, created when Windows bombed. Your solo was the victim. Windows may recover it but may not. Either way, checking the disk will make sure things are all good before anymore files are written.

Also, it may be worth doing a search on your drive for all wav files over, say 1Mb or so, just incase the sole got stored somewhere else on the drive by mistake.

Hope you find it.