lost playback sound

suddenly lost playback sound

Hello all,
I am not hearing any sound when I play back a track. I am getting a message that I have multiple output soundcards selected and it says if I click on the settings of the Master channel I wil be able to do something, but I don’t see that command there.

The Master channel is not showing any input, but the track channel is.

I’ve checked all the volume locations, I believe; I have sound with other applications.

If I try to record a new .sng, when I go to play it, it says it can’t find the file?

Then it locks up!

Thanks for any pointers,

My soundcard is SB Audigy 2; I get the message after I go into preferences/audio devices, (it looks like I am just picking one soundcard for play and record) it says check in playback VUMeter settings for select I/O settings, or something like that;

Thanks again in advance

Which did you select in the recording and playback devices? N-trackmenu - File - settings - devices (don’t know exactly çause i’m not behind my “musiccomputer”)
Did you turn of your onboard soundcard or does your computer have only one soundcard? If not be sure that it’s turned off (configuration- system- Hardware).

Thanks Maria; I think that may be it, I do have an onboard soundcard and the problem showed up when I changed to using the Audigy 2 soundcard.
I’m using Windows XP; I have looked in the Device manager, but not sure what to turn off yet.
I’ve just now sent this to FASOFT support also.

Thanks again,