Lost pop song from the 1980s

Could’ve been a hit for somebody else

Or not. This was something I wrote about 20 years ago after spending way too much time listening to the band Asia. I noticed that John Wetton had a very transparent formula for writing songs that was evident even with an earlier band, UK.

Anyway, the chorus for this song popped into my head one night and I had to figure out how to make it work. After several years and several poor demos by piggybacking reel-to-reel tape decks and another attempt on 4-track cassette a few years later, I finally felt comfortable enough to make a more appropriate demo with n-Track. Below is the result (or mainly what happens when you spend too much time in front of the computer). Also, I’m apologizing now for the vocals, but if anyone knows John Wetton’s phone number, this song was written for his voice.

ksdb’s music page - Click on “How Can I Know What You Feel?”

I liked the guitar work with the acoustic and the electric. Don’t apologize for the vocals. I admire those who will sing with some range and add some harmonies. Even more harmonies wouldn’t be bad.

Thanks for comments. I’m obviously self-conscious about my own singing, but I think I can mostly carry the tune. I would prefer to find someone with a better voice, but don’t know too many singers around my hometown. May have to do an online collab or something. Good suggestion about the additional harmony vocals too. Thanks a bunch!!

first thing that really struck me was the thin sound of it all. i’m just one for a big fat, thick sound in a tune. i think maybe the drums were a little low. the bass was strong and sounded very good. i am personally an organ hater in any song - nothing personal, just don’t like organ sounds in songs at all.

the solo part was cool and i liked the composition of it very much. again, it was very apparent during that part that the sound needed some “beefing” up.

not my cup of tea, but i can tell a lot of effort when into the tune and i can appreciate that.



Hi t-willy, thanks for checking out my song and for the thoughtful comments. I appreciate the new perspective that you bring and the suggestions. It’s been almost a month since I mixed the song down, now I can go back and try a few different ideas for a remix. :D