lost sound mid-part

Sound lost in middle of wav.

What have I done here?

I’ve got a song with several tracks. In tracks 1 & 2 (which were recorded from different soundcard inputs) I’ve got a vocal (1 part) and a metronome recording (1 part). Both were originally fine - I’ve got a mixdown that includes them. BUT - when I play them now, the graphic on the timeline appears fine but at a particular point the sound totally disappears on both tracks (but keeps playing on the other tracks).

I’m pretty sure the critical point has been an edit point somewhere along the line, and the fact that it’s happening on tracks 1 & 2 suggests to me that I’ve just dragged the mouse a bit when I’ve done whatever I’ve done.

Any ideas? And no, it’s nothing to do with the volume envelope - that’s flat in all cases.

Are they the whole wave file or have been split into sections? I’ve had issues with crossfades silencing sections before without showing up.


In tracks 1 & 2 (which were recorded from different soundcard inputs)

I wonder if you have the outputs for 1 & 2 directed to that soundcard and the other tracks directed the output of the second soundcard - hence no sound from one or the other depending on which soundcard you have selected. Or stated differently - make sure all the tracks are going to the output of just one soundcard - unless you are using a mixer for both.

Here’s a case of where not being able to edit a post can cause damage.

Nramusic - in each case its a single continuous .wav with no signs of any edit points visible on the timeline. I’ll go and try “Bring to Front” & “Send to Back” - must be something lurking somewhere!

7of11 - sorry, my note was a bit misleading. Only one soundcard (Audiophile), but Track 1 was recorded through SPDIF in, Track 2 via Analogue In.

Thanks for trying - keep up the good work!

Have you tried playing the individual files as .wav files instead of from the .sng file - stated differently: OPen ntrack and use File > New to create a new environment, then use File > Import to load just one of the files and see if it plays.