Lots of background sounds

When I start recording it is red lining just recording silence.
Then when I playback I hear a lot of “white noise” type sound - kind of what silence sounds like on a cheap 80s recording device…like a constant sound of thunder - and it’s pretty loud.

I have a US-122L audio interface and a half decent recording mic…I’m sure I must have set something up wrong.

I don’t have the same problem with the guitar when it is plugged in directly…only the mic. Do I need a new mic?

Unfortunately, there is not one answer. You will have to do some trouble shooting.
Here is a list that may or may not include the problem:
Is everything plugged in properly?
Is the switch for Mic or guitar set to Mic?
Does the mic take phantom power and if it does is it turned on?
Is the mic cord good? Can you barrow a mic and cable to see if it works? A bad mic cord can cause noise. So will a bad mic.
Hope something helps.