Love's All Around

Here is a song I am finishing.
Mixed on N-Track.
Critque welcome.

Love’s All Around

New Mix “Love’s All Around”
Critque welcome…
Here is a remix because the kick and bass not really being prominent. The reason is that my mixes are pretty bottom heavy and I guess I over compensated. I have some cheap computer speakers that I am mixing on and I use headphones some too.
I also brought the vox up in the mix.

I did this song as an online collaboration at . I did all the guitars and was the song creator. Pleasuredome from Scotland (I believe??) did the lyrics and vox. The drums are real from Gerk in Canada. Paulo from Portugal did all the keys. MorseKode from the U.K. did the bass. I recorded the guitar parts on my Zoom MRS1044 (16bit) I used N-Track to do the mix.

The solos at the end are synth at times and guitar. What makes the guitar sound sort of like synth is the reverse delay. Also Floyd rose tremolo and Cry Baby wah are used at times.

Hey Bill,

Good to see you over these parts again.

Great song. Looking forward to listening to the remix.

My comments are over at “the other place”.


I like this song, especially the keyboard solo, whoever did is one wacky-good player :)

Great groove. Really good players. I’d bring the vox up just a little – not necessarily by volume, but maybe back off the effects. Just a little hard to follow the words. OH – if the piano is available for the whole tune, I’d let it stick out earlier. The dude’s got chops! :blues:

Thanks for the reply billthecat.
The keys player is KILLER! He has done a few songs with me and I always give him some space. Still workin on the mix.