love n-track long time

a whole page of n-track recordings

hey y’all - been awhile,
so i put a page together on my site of a good batch of recordings i’ve made on n-track thru the years. rock n roll songs, loud punk rock songs, swingin’ jazz songs, and beat + synth songs. some of them i’ve played on as well. i try to keep a healthy amount of fun in the recordings, and i hope some of you get to listen to some of them (good iPod music). and i’d love to hear any honest comments since you guys would be the best judges. thanks,

-James flames
(ps - the only songs i didn’t record are the ones by the dissimilars - my friend Nate did those, didn’t wanna steal credit)

did anyone wind up listening - i’d be curious what you thought…

I listened to the first three songs listed (“Casper Crew Boogie”, “Big Man, Small House”, “Everything Happens to Ashley Garrett”) and really liked the energy in them, as well as the songwriting. BMSH kinda sounded like a sketch (which is fine), but the others had some sweet changes in there. Bring those vocals out from under the guitars, though, cuz I wanna hear the lyrics–I think “Ashley Garrett” needs it most. Anyway, you have talent…keep doing your thing, man… :D