Poem by H. D. Thoreau


This is an 8 line poem I put to music some years ago. I have live recordings of it but I wanted to get a good studio mix. The production is very simple: acoustic, bass & electric guitars. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I may add some harmony to fill it in alittle.

The song is in D tuning and was written a long time ago when I first started learning about tunings.

The lyrics are a poem by H. D. Thoreau:


We two that planets first had been
Are now a double star
And in the heavens may be seen
Where that we fixed are

Yet whirled with subtle power along
Into new space we enter
And ever more with spheral song
Revolve about one center

Nice work!

Every instrument could be heard clearly and the performance was excellent.

The only thing that bothers me is the reverb. I think you have too much of it everywhere.

You might want to bring the vocals a bit more upfront and take some reverb out. IMO a dryer sound would work with this song.

Either way, I like it.

Thanks for listening. Yes - I do use alot of reverb (because I tend to like it). The vocal has delay but the rest has reverb on it. I’ll give it another listen for reverb.

Good work!

I agree, a bit less reverb would be nice. I really like the sound of the acoustic guitar and your voice stands out really nicely.

Very good music and lyrics matching.
I was wondering about a female voice. Maybe in a duo or splitting parts. (just playing on the devil’s side).

No - that’s a very good idea. I used to perform this song with a female vocalist & she sounded great on it.

The voice & instruments stand out because in addition to verb, I use compression on everything.

The mp3 file does not sound as good as the 16-bit wav. When I listened to it today, I thought the electric was too loud.

Mr Soul, noticed you are on soundclick and you have posted a Neil Young song. Is that allowed by them, is it an issue? Do they allow covers, as their policy states:

Please note that you are only allowed to upload material where you are the copyrights holder, or where you have the written consent from the copyright holders.

I’m just curious as I am looking for a web site to place my songs, but I only do covers, and I don’t think Neil will give me written consent. Not that he cares, I’m sure.

BTW, like your stuff.

You’re right - it’s not allowed and I’ve broken their rules :cool: Actually, I need to remove Rockin’ because it was put there only for specific need that has long since pasted. Thanks for reminding me.

Thanks for listening also.

Didn’t mean to scare your music off the site. Why not wait til someone says something.


This is nice. I think simple is fine. But Harmonies would work well and when I listen I can almost hear some backing vocal fills, based around the word Love, from around 0.43secs when your vocal drops out. Anyway that’s only my opinion but think you should stick with the song.

Quote (valrecorder @ May 31 2005,18:37)
I'm just curious as I am looking for a web site to place my songs, but I only do covers, and I don't think Neil will give me written consent. Not that he cares, I'm sure.

BTW, like your stuff.

I have a website with around 90mb of free space. I was thinking of creating a page where n-Track users could post thier songs for a couple of weeks or so for review. If you or anyone are interested, let me know and i will do it.

My Webpage

Bruffie - opinions are exactly what I want to hear - thanks!

I agree - it needs some vocal fills or something.

Very nice Mike. Good melody and performance overall. I especially like the interplay between the guitar and the bass toward the end of the song.

(you used to not be able to do interplay in public. then those dang kinseys and their dangerous and evil book came along. :D



New mix on soundclick. Less reverb, less electric guitar, little more lead vocal. Still working on the harmony parts.

PS - if you get a chance & you like the song, please go over to http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.guitar.amps and put a good word in for it. I’ll be indebited.

Very nice!

I like this mix much better. Your voice stands out more.

Great work