Lucid Dream - NEW CD

Surface Tension

Hey guys!

Just thought I’d drop a line and let you know that my friend and I have just finished a CD of original songs, (and one cover). We’d love to hear any comments. We did our best…

If you like Queen, Pink Floyd, Rush, Boston, Muse, Marillion, Porcupine Tree etc, you may find something of interest here. This link is to my blog page, where you can download it…


If you like what you hear, then thank you, and head over to our main site, where all our previous work is up for download too.

OK, I’m off for a lie down…


Sorry guys, just realised that link didn’t work first time out. It should work fine now!

Later, Daz

Hi Dazzi,
Congrats on putting together the new CD, did you use nTrack for that?

Hey Levi, thanks. Half of it was done in nTrack, and then half was done in Reaper… Sorry…


Nice job, grats on the album. Especially like “The Release”.

Sounds like you guys had fun with the “A Call To Arms” remix. I remember digging the original.
The cover artwork is quite good. Any story behind it?

Hey, thanks for the comments!

The artwork? Just random imagery from a freebie art site. Thought it had some connection with “Surfaces…” :slight_smile: