m-audio 24 bit

Hi i’ve just bought a m-audio 24/96 and i’d want to record in N-track at 24 bit but I’m not able to find where i can choose this option!I’ve n-track 4! thank you very much! :D

There is a small hammer icon at the bottom of the recording VU meter. When you click on that, a dialog window will come up, giving you the option to select 24-bit recording.

thank you very much!!!and could you tell me what’s the difference between 24bit and 24unpucked and 24 unpucked left justified?

There is no difference in sound. That is just a setting to tell n-track how to “talk” with the soundcard. Usually only one of the options will work with any given soundcard. Therefore, if your stuff is working, don’t mess with those.

Mine is set for 24 unpacked left justified.



Mine is set for 24 unpacked left justified.

That’s the only setting that will work on my 1010.