m-audio 2496 - driver signing "ignore" don't work

hi all,

i’ve read a little about the driver signing issues w/ the audiophile 2496 drivers. apparently, the trick is to set the driver signing check to “ignore,” which i’ve done.

when i DL the latest drivers for the 2496 from m-audio, they come as an .EXE file. installation goes ok, but then it finishes with a screen that says the installation failed because the “user would not permit an unsigned driver to be installed” (or words to that effect).

so … uh … am i missing something here?

i’m using the drivers that came on a CD w/ the 2496 card, and they seem to work OK, but if there’s one thing i’ve seen over and over on these forums, it’s “GET THE LATEST DRIVERS”!

any ideas? tia,



Justa thought, ensure the account you are logged in on whilst installing the software has administrator priveleges.
Also, I set the driver signing to “Warn” rather than "Ignore"


thanks; i’ll check that (athough i think i’ve set that correctly). if i’ve set my win2k DAW to not require a login password, and it seems to log in as administrator, does that imply that i’m running the session as admin?

i actually tried doing the install on a couple other machines, running win98 and winxpPro, with the same results - it’s like the m-audio installer’s not checking how the driver signing preferences are set!

and yes, it’s better to set the pref to “warn.” i’ll do so as soon as i can get this driver installed ;^)

thanks again,