M-Audio Audiophile Card settings?

Hi All,
I’ve recently installed an M-Audio Audiophile soundcard and I"m lost at adjusting the record/playback settings. If anybody has one of these and could pass along some pointers I’d really appreciate it. I can play files through it…but can’t seem to get it configured to record.

feeling dense in CA,


First thing to check…

Click on the following:

file -> settings -> preferences -> audio devices

then look at the ‘audio recording devices’ panel and make sure that one of the M-audio drivers is selected. I would recommend the ASIO driver. Select the same driver in the playback devices panel. Then try recording again.

By the way there are three M-Audio products that go by the name Audiophile. Which one do you have (eg. Audiophile USB)?


I have an AudioPhile 24/96.

That card can use MME, WDM or ASIO and they all work in N-Track. I use WDM for what I need. If you are a keyboarder ASIO would be a good choice.

While in the preferences dialog, be sure to click the advanced tab as there is a check box item for M-Audio cards there. After you select your choices and close out the box…bring up the recording meter display and click on the hammer to choose how your driver for that input functions. You have the choice of 16 or 24 bit recording and whether or not your choices apply to all inputs and playbacks. If you check that you are done…if not…then make your selections for each input you have selected.

I have 2 inputs and 1 playback selected and set up for 24 bit stereo, left justified.

If it still doesn’t work for you after all of that…bring up your M-Audio mixer and check your choices there as well.