m-audio card owners

what does this really mean?


I read the announcement on the M-Audio webpage a few days ago. It’s a special version of Pro Tools made for M-Audio cards. The company that makes Pro Tools, Avid, bought M-Audio a few months back, so the connection makes sense.

It seems to me that any questions you might have are answered on the link you provided. You could also check out the m-Audio site for more details.


I have mixed feelings about that, since I know nothing about pro tools except their higher priced. My M-Audio 1010 isn’t cheep eather, so, who knows. The merger shouldn’t hurt us any.
I have delt with the original M-Audio tech/repair support, they did a great job and kept me informed regularly! I’m sure this will all stay intact!

I notice that my niether my Delta card nor my Quattro USB are mentioned on the site so it won’t do me any good. Anyways I tried a related program that came with my Digitek usb effects pedal and couldn’t get it to work for me. It is called ProTracks and I think it is based on the ProTools but in the end I got tired of the struggle and went back to my user friendly n-track.

Personally, I don’t want to work with any software that dictates the hardware. Why limit my choices unnecessarily? If I’d grown up on ProTools and was addicted to it (just as I’m currently addicted to n-Track), this would be a good thing.

From m-audio’s site they just mention that they are compatable, it’s very ntrack compatable too.
Pro tools M powered :D hmmmm anyone know what the n in ntrack stands for?

n = an arbitrary number