M-Audio config

peak files/midi output device error

Hi, I’m new to the computer based recording. I’m using a M-Audio Uno (1in - 1out) interface for my keyboard and a M-Audio Fastrack for vocals and guitar. For vocals, I have my drivers set to ASIO for recording and playback. Sometimes after recording a track my desktop gets filled with about 7-9 icons. When I click on the properties of these files it says “peak files”. Why is this happening. Also sometimes when I record an audio track, I’m getting an midi output device errors. Any thoughts?

As I’ve learned from the seasoned veterans in this forum before, the peak files store information for drawing the audio track waveforms in N-track so they don’t have to be recalculated every time you open your song project. From what I’ve gathered as a user, they go where their associated .wav files are stored. If you want them to move to a different directory, you will have to relocate your .wav files (you’ll probably have to reinsert them into your song). Also, to ensure that any future .wavs & .npks don’t go to your desktop, you can set the “Working directory” under Files->Settings->Preferences->Paths to the desired folder and check “Temporary AND new wave files”.

As for the MIDI out device errors, not sure–would your MIDI output happen to be set to Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, thus conflicting with your Fast Track? If so, you would need to change your MIDI device to the Uno. Hmmm…

Hope something here is of use!