M-Audio Delta 1010LT

Need setup help

I just installed a Delta 1010LT audio card in my system. I had no problems selecting all 8 input channels for recording. However, it appears that the left and right output channels mixes the left and right input channels together and results in 2 duplicate mono channels.

I have the following audio device setting:

Audio playback devices:
1 - MME: Wave Mapper

Audio recording devices:
1 - WDM: M-Audio Delta 1010LT 1/2
2 - WDM: M-Audio Delta 1010LT 3/4
3 - WDM: M-Audio Delta 1010LT 5/6
4 - WDM: M-Audio Delta 1010LT 7/8

I’ve tried other playback device options, but all have the same result.

Also, I left the M-Audio mixer/patchbay with its default settings, since I am controlling through N-Track.

If anyone has experience setting up a Delta 1010LT with N-Track, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and tips.

BTW - So far, I’m really impressed with the sound quality of the Delta 1010LT. Knock on wood - I haven’t had any pops, skips, or crashes so far. For under $200, it’s a great deal!

Thanks in advance - TJ

Hi, I think you should choose WDM: M-Audio Delta 1010LT out 1/2 for your output device. Then open the delta control panel and in patchbay router set HW out 1/2 to be monitor mixer.Then use the monitor mixer to adjust the levels of your pre recorded tracks
(probably on Wav out 1/2) and your input source on H/W in 1/2 or 3/4 etc depending on which inputs you are using. In the monitor mixer you might have to scroll sideways to see the faders for the inputs. Give this a try and see if it works for you.


I’m not at my recording computer right now so this is from memory but here’s another suggestion. On your HW Out 1/2 channels there are little panning sliders under each output meter. Slide Channel 1 all the way to the left and slide Channel 2 all the way to the right. I think this might fix your problem. If each slider is in the middle then both channels are in mono.

8th note, I’ve had two delta’s over the last 6 years, a 44 and now a 1010 and I’ve never noticed the panning sliders before you mentioned them.

Nick/8th Note:

Thanks for the help. I discovered that the input audio format setting was selected for "Stereo -> Mono Tracks."

I selected “Stereo” and this seems to have fixed my problem.

I also made the changes to my output device selection (WDM: M-Audio Delta 1010LT out 1/2) and made sure the panning controls are far-left and far-right. This resulted in a better output signal level and possibly a lower S/N ratio (although it’s very low already).

Question: SInce the Delta 1010LT has a word clock in and out, Would I be able to use two 1010LT’s?

Thanks again - TJ


Question: SInce the Delta 1010LT has a word clock in and out, Would I be able to use two 1010LT’s?

I don’t have a 1010 or any M-Audio card for that matter… BUT, yes from what I understand you can install up to four M-Audio PCI interfaces in a PC and synch them together via S/PDIF.


Yep, there was a guy on here awhile ago, that ran 2 1010s on one system, and tracked all 16 analog at one time. He said it worked great.

Quote (Diogenes @ July 07 2006,10:05)
Question: SInce the Delta 1010LT has a word clock in and out, Would I be able to use two 1010LT's?

I don't have a 1010 or any M-Audio card for that matter... BUT, yes from what I understand you can install up to four M-Audio PCI interfaces in a PC and synch them together via S/PDIF.

Hi !

It works as Tim said, but there's also another way.

The driver for the Delta series are the same for the range (44, 66, 1010LT and 1010).

The driver itself can also lock two Delta's (can be any two in the series) in to the same clock, giving you sample accurate clock sync between the two.

If you want to go more than two you need to externally connect them. The external connection is anyway better on the CPU, as you slave the one card to the other one's clock via hardware. The drivers does work well, but it will take a little more resources. (Not even sure if it is noticable).

You will be very happy with the 1010LT.
I am


I run a Delta 1010 and a Delta 66 together. Go on the M-Audio web site and look for the help on hooking up multiple cards. You’ll be clocking the second card with the first card to keep them syncronized by running a cable from the S/PDIF out on one card to the S/PDIF in on the other card. The web site will tell you how to configure the Monitor/Mixer for both cards.

My setup gives me 12 channels and it works great. I’ve been very happy with the sound I get out of my Delta cards. I’m going to have to spend a lot more money on fancy preamps and microphones before my digital converters become a limiting factor.

Thanks to all for the good info. I’m having a great time working with my 1010LT and excited to know I can use more than 1 with my PC!!

However, I just discovered that N-Track is recording in 16-bit format. When I attempt to select 24-bit, I receive an error message:

"Error opening wave input device. Make sure that the sampling frequency and the recordiong format set in the dialog box that appears clicking on the Settings button on the recording vumeter are supported by the sound card."

I tried to find a 24-bit setting on the M-Audio Delta Control Panel, but can’t seem to find one. I assumed since it is a 24-bit card, it would automatically set N-Track to 24-bit.

Any suggestions?

I’ve seen that message before but I can’t seem to recreate it now. If my memory serves me correctly it seemed to have something to do with playing a 16 bit file through something like Media Player and then trying to change the n-Track settings to 24 bits. Try clicking OK to close the window and then record and see what happens.

Another thing to try is to reboot your computer and start up n-Track fresh and see if you get that message when you try to change the bit depth.

Also, you need to select the bottom 24 bit option, “left justified.”

Hi,I recently found I had to manually set both the Delta card and n-track to the same sampling frequency. The Delta on the hardware settings tab of the control panel and n-track in its preferences page.


Hi Guys, on this Topic:
I don’t use the audio hardware you are refering to here… But I have to address this configeration within n-Track and transfer of audio files within the network of DAW’s that I have on the setup I have here.

The configeration in n-Track’s preferences that I have to continually make sure is set correct is found in the “Mixdown” song screen… Under “File Format”… Is that what you are makeing reference to?

IT would be nice if this configueration could be set-and-adjusted at the start/beginning of each New project and then automatically be addressed between DAW’s and the transfer of files between DAW’s…


Thanks again!

8th Note’s advice of setting the audio format to 24-bit - left justified and restarting N-Track did the trick.

I’m finally able to record with 8 simultaneous tracks at 24/96!!


Hi tommyj55:
I’m interested in the Specs. of the computer you use for your set-up. The Mainboard, processor, ram, graphics card, and all, including the hardware and drives… including the operating system and some of the installed software and all… and what “Build” of n-Track you have installed…

IT sounds like you’re ready to do some serious tracking…


Hi Bill:

It took me about 7 months to put my system together. I did a lot of researching and waited to buy a component or two each payday when I found a good price. The video card is from my old P-III system. I’m not a gamer, so my existing video card with dual-ouputs works just fine. I picked up the 3 20GB HDDs for $25. Her’s what I’ve put together so far:

Gigabyte K8 Triton Mother Board
AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ Dual-Core (2GHz)
3 GB Ultra 3200/400 DDR RAM (Two-1GB and two-500MB in dual-channel mode)
Western Digital 36GB Raptor SATA HDD - 10,000RPM
3 Maxtor Diamondmax 20GB PATA-100 HDDs - 7200RPM (1 is for the OS and applications, the other 2 are for data with a shared hot-swap drive bay.)
M-Audio Delta 1010LT Audio Card
ATI Radion 7000 Dual-Display 64MB graphics card driving to Sceptre 19" 8ms LCDs
Ultra X-Connect 500-Watt Power Supply
All above enclosed in a 4U Server Rack Mount Case
External USB BenQ DVD-Burner

Because my recording and control room areas are common, I use a wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse and an extended video cable. This allows me to locate the DAW in a separate area to isolate the noise - even though it’s very quiet already. The wireless mouse or keyboard also allows me to start and stop N-Track remotely.

I most recently invested in a Behringer PX3000 patchbay ($40 on eBay). This is definitely a good investment when using the Delta 1010LT. The break-out cables are fairly short so, I’m sure that continuous connecting and disconnecting directly at the cables would eventually lead to loose connections. The last thing I want to have to do is solder on the multi-pin break-out connector.

Windows XP Professional - I thought about trying XP-64, but I think I’ll wait a bit.
N-Track Version 4.2.1 - Build 2099
Eve Synth emulator VST plugin
Acoustica Beatcraft Drum Sequencer

I just got the 24-bit/96kHz thing worked out so, I haven’t had a lot of time to try a lot of track/effects combinations to fully benchmark the performance. So far at 96/24, I’ve recorded 8-simultaneous tracks with 8 tracks playing back and compression and reverb on the master. I used all default buffering settings. In most cases, I don’t expect I’ll need more than 16-tracks.

I was pushing between 16% and 18% CPU utilization. Once I start adding effects to individual tracks (which I typically try to avoid) and other CPU-hungry effects, I’m sure my headroom will drop. But for now, I’m in really good shape.

Once I have had some more “play time” I’ll be glad to provide some more performance info.

Cheers - TJ

Hi tommyj55:
Thanks for that reply… You have some pretty respectable audio and DAW hardware going on there… 7-Months? EH? Sounds like me.

I seem to take forever to put this stuff together, I have here… I’ve had a P-4 Mainboard failure… and, I’m in the re-building mode… But, I need to let go of this audio hardware and move on…

That Delta 1010 audio hardware looks intriguing… and I’m not sure of just what DAW Camp (AMD or Intel) one needs to be in, with that Hardware…

Does M-Audio point to any one type of DAW equipment?

IT looks like your CPU/ Operating System load figures are quite respectable… Are you running your operating system in a "Default config.? or… Have you “Tweeked” your operating system for audio operating/application?



Yes, I’m currently using N-Track’s default buffering settings for the basis of my %CPU useage values. And, I haven’t “tweeked” anything else yet.

I am a bit confused with the N-Track’s %CPU useage indicator when compared to the Windows Performance Monitor (which I prefer to use). Sometimes, N-Track’s %CPU useage indication is significantly lower (sometimes even negative - wouldn’t that be nice) and other times, higher (which makes no sense at all) when compared to the Performance Monitor. I assume that N-Track uses some kind of internal algorithm to calculate %CPU useage. I prefer to use the Performance Monitor, because it is the total %CPU useage of all applications and processes, which should be the most conservative value.

I don’t know of any CPU benchmark comparisons specifically for DAW systems. I pretty much based my decision on several different bench tests that repeatedly rated the AMDs as a better performer. Here is a link to the cnet test:

CNET - AMD vs. Intel Dual Core

The multi-tasking area is where the AMD really stands out. And since the use of plug-ins actually operate as separate apps or processes, I felt this is where I would see the biggest gains from the AMD dual-core. And at the time, I wasn’t sure if I could purchase a dual-core when I was deciding which CPU I would use. The AMD 939 motherboard provided me with the ability to use a low-end single-core CPU initially and purchase a dual-core later. At that time, there were no Intel MOBO’s that could operate single-core or dual-core CPUs. This may have changed by now.

I’m not pushing AMD over the Intel CPU. The AMD CPU just ended up as my choice for the above reasons. My Athlon 64x2 3800+ is the entry-level AMD dual core. You can get the entry-level Intel at a lower cost, but it doesn’t perform as well as the AMD in most tests - especially in multi-tasking.

Hope this helps - TJ

Hi Again:
It"s been rainning here, Big Time today… I’m treating IT as a weather day for anything to do for outside work… So, I spent most of the day in the studio, and I am “Working Up” all the computer and audio interface and doing on-going maintenance and detail work…

This Intel based DAW equipment is almost ready for some tracking work… It has taken me sense Mid-April to get this P-4 rebuilt and it is still not ready for any serious tracking.

I’m persueing the idea of replacing the P-4 Tracking DAW with an AMD based dual-core and M-Audio 1010LT or that Beheringer 8000 hardware as the main multi-tracking equipment.

It appears that you have progressed into a nice combination of Audio and DAW hardware… IT will be nice to see how your set-up treats the interaction of n-Track as the “Editor” along with the over-all stability of the hardware/software combination you end-up useing…

I hope to be watching your progress as-it-goes…