M-Audio Delta 1010LT

Hey, TommyJ, it’s interesting to see your experience with the AMD and CPU load. I’ll also be looking forward to hearing how this system works for you as you progress.

I realize this is outside the subject of your initial post but I thought I would mention it anyway. You say you’re recording at 24/96. When I got my Delta 1010 I tried an experiment with a band I was recording. We laid down three sets of tracks for the same song. One set was at 16/44.1, one set was 24/44.1, and one set was 24/96. The songs consisted of 9 tracks total (6 for drums, 2 guitars, bass) and were overdubbed with the drums laid down first and then the two guitars and bass separately.

I then mixed the 3 songs down to 16/44.1. To my amazement the 24/96 song sounded the worst. The 16/44.1 and the 24/44.1 sounded identical but both were clearer and punchier than the 24/96 song. The 4 members of the band and I all heard the same thing. We were all scratching our heads.

I don’t know if this phenomenon is due to the converters in the Delta or the mixdown algorhythm in n-Track, or some quirk in my AMD 2800 system, but the difference was quite obvious. I’ve recorded at 44.1 ever since.

Just thought I’d throw this out in case you might want to try the same thing. If you can avoid the CPU overhead and the HD demands of 96 khz your system will run a lot smoother.

Thanks for the heads up, 8th_note.

I have a couple of my musician friends dropping by for the weekend to jam and lay down a few tracks. I’ll try a similar experiment and let you know if I get similar results as you. If 44.1 can give me the quality I need with less overhead, then I’m all for it.

BTW - have any of you experienced tracks expanding vertically when you perform an operation such as removing a track? This is a bit of a nuisance to readjust the track heights back to their origial height each time I remove a track.

Thanks - TJ

Hi 8th_note,and All:
That’s an interesting reply … Something worth contemplating… and food for thought…

Is there any guesstamate as to the amount in difference in Hard Drive space the different file size reselutions occupied? For example… The file size of the Kick Track… in the different res…

The quality of the sound of the tracks of the different reselutions? That’s interesting… Was that after the tracks were rendered into a mix? OR… the repro of the individual tracks?? For example… Could there have been a config./setting in the hardware’s driver application to cause the repro quality? or dithering or something? ???


ok i own a delta 1010lt and mine works like perfect for output i selected I belive Delta MIXER for the out and all you do is plug your speakers into the 1 and 2 out of the card