M-Audio Firewire 410/Lucid A/D Converter

Advice on settings

This is my set up:

I am running my mic/preamp into a Lucid 9624 AD converter. Then from the s/pdif out of the 9624 into the s/pdif input of a M-Audio Firewire 410, which is connected to my laptop via a 6>4pin firewire cable.

Right now, N-track is recording two tracks, but only one track has a signal. I can monitor the input, but can’t hear the playback. Also, I should be able to record 24 bit/96khz files, but I get an error message unless I use the 16 bit setting in N-track. I feel like this is totally a software settings issue (hopefully not a hardware compatibility problem), and I am very close but no cigar yet.

Can anyone advise me of the correct settings, first on my sound input device software and then in N-track?