M-audio Firewire and Ntrack


Hey guys first I want to thank everyone who has tarried with me through the years.

I have taken all of you suggestions to heart and believe that I finally have a set up that will produce a descent quality track.
I have recorded a few takes and so far no hum, hiss, or anything detrimental to sound has occurred, thank God.

I took all the suggestions given here:
Recording at 96, through firewire, (M-audio Audiophile) Soundcraft Compact 10 mixer, Cad 8000 tube condenser mic, shielded RCA cables, LCD monitor, Powered monitors/speakers, and Windows XP. (and still using Ntrack 2.3 amazingly!) without problem…

I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with these M-audio devices.
I can hear anything I record in Ntrack when I press play in Ntrack it comes out of the speakers.
However when I play a CD from a DVD drive or a streamed song on the internet no sound is produced.
I cannot find a place on the M-audio control panel to allow monitoring of these other input devices.
And since I am new to XP altogether I am also uncertain where to go there to set the Eternal firewire device as a default sound card for these other play devices either (DVD rom, WindowsMedia player)

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. :)

Thanks again guys, this the the first time in 10 years I have been able to record a hiss free, hum free, noise free track of any kind!

Eh, there was another little thing…

Sometimes when I record it records one stereo track (which shows a level) and another that is sort of a blank track (also stereo)
I’m not sure if this other track is the SPDIF or what ever else this puppy can do simultaneously while recording my analogue in but is a bit of nuisance having to delete the blank track every time I record a new one…
I have it set up in the preferences to record the analogue in using ASIO for both record and playback, none of spdif is chosen as input device or output.
Also should I have "High priority DSP thread’ checked?
OR “use dither”?

keep shinin’

jerm :cool: