M-Audio new delta drivers

new XP & Vista drivers for delta cards

M-Audio has posted with out any fanfare or documentation new Delta series drivers for XP and Vista. The control pannel is simpler with decreased functionality. The output is greatly increased so I believe the noise has been reduced.


Thanks. Just installed it. Totally new look of the control panel compared to the previous version I had installed.

I tried to load the new MAudio drivers yesterday and they only work for Windows xp service pack 2 or vista. I have Windows xp service pack 1 and they would not load.

Hi Gents on this Thread:

Microsoft has just posted a Service Pac Update over the past couple of days…
It’s some 23 meg. in size.
If you go to Windows or Microsoft Update you’ll see see the file to download-and-install…
Maybe, it’s an automatic download-and-install…
I use XP Home as the Operating System on this machine…

This might be the update you need to your Operating System for those drivers…


There’s good chance they don’t support installing on pre SP2 WinXp because of the bugs that were fixed in WinXp SP2. (There are many USB fixes for example.)

List of fixes included in Windows XP Service Pack 2

FYI: The recent Service Pack Update is .NET 2.0 Framework Service Pack 1. It won’t do much to help getting the driver to insall on WinXp Sp 1 unfortunately.


I’m building a newer machine and transferring my 1010LT to it so I downloaded the new drivers just so I didn’t have to find a disk with my old ones.

“Simpler” is putting it mildly.

I run a mix of pro and consumer hardware so I loved the fact that I could adjust the outputs individually on the old ones, but not so on this new driver. There’s simply a mode selector for the whole thing.

I may be a control junkie, but I use Premier instead of Vegas for a reason: I want to make the fine-tune decisions myself.

Sure, the new one is nice and stylish, but smaller controls and harder to read.

I guess I’ll have to dig out the old disk, but since I just moved that’s harder than usual.