m-audio Ozone ASIO problem

Exiting NT crashes on XP, just me?

When I use the m-audio Ozone ASIO driver, NT4 build 1694 crashes whenever I exit NT. I’m using XP, SP2. I had the same issue with earlier versions of NT4 and NT3). I’m just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with NT and the Ozone ASIO driver. I’ve also had XP itself blue screen when trying to change buffer settings. Symptom is that the system locks up for a few minutes as soon as the buffer setting is changed. Then it blue screens and reboots, needing to do a file consistency check on the way back up. Very nasty. As long as the buffering is set high and I don’t exit, NT seems to work pretty well. JR

I don’t have an Ozone. That’s a USB connection right? Check the M-Audio site for driver updates? I DO have a Tascam US-122 USB interface and it is picky about the USB chipset. My son’s onboard USB would not even recognize the unit. A quick trip to Wal-Mart returning with a Belkin 5 Port USB 2.0 card fixed 'er right up! If you are running a desktop PC, you might give that a whirl.


Yes, I neglected to mention, but it is USB. I’ve had problems with two different computers, one laptop, one desktop. Both have USB ports built in. It’s a short cable, seems like its not a cable problem. I can use WinAmp through the Ozone headphone jack all day with no crashes. The latest patch notes mention something about a USB related fix. I wonder if a similar patch to NT is needed for the Ozone.

I think I would drop Flavio an email via the Support Page. Maybe he can find the culprit for you.