M-Audio Quattro - Anyone have hints/tips?

Hi! A friend has Ntrack (v3) and an M-audio Quattro USB recording interface. We’ve noticed that sometimes the playback is terrible - pops, skips, a rhythmic ‘dropout’ at a rate of several times a second. Press ‘play’ again, and maybe this time it’ll work right… For a few minutes, then degrade once again.

Without going into a lot of detail about his setup, does anyone use one of these? Did it just work out of the box, or did you have to find some ‘magic bullet’ to get it to operate correctly? Of course, we’re hoping for an easy fix. :wink:


pops skips and rhythmic dropout are USUALLY the result of incorrect buffering settings. in the preferences, increase the buffers.

Now… USB is notoriously bad for an audio interface and that alone may be your problem.

Quote (guitars69 @ Feb. 13 2005,09:16)
Now... USB is notoriously bad for an audio interface and that alone may be your problem.

I was afraid that would be the case, USB not being a good way to connect. I guess we'll monkey with the buffering and see where that gets us. Also, the card's driver has a 'latency' setting, but I'm not terribly familiar with how to set it (the choices are along the lines of 'low' to 'high' - not parcitularly descriptive). I'm going to check the online documentation for the card since it was used and didn't come with a manual.

Thanks a bunch for the response.. Any other ideas in the meantime? Anyone? :)


This is a response to an old thread but it is one of the only issues I’ve had some experience with. I have used an M- Audio Quattro for the last year. It has worked great. I used it with my p3 laptop with good results. When I tried to ressurrect my old family AMD Athlon 650 desktop to record I ran into the same problem with skips in the playback. I adjusted the buffers and it did better but I eventually gave up on that computor. I don’t think the Quattro is the problem

My Quattro is my main recording rig, and I’ve been happy with it. As guitars69 said, the buffer setting is usually the problem. Once I figured that out, I had no problems.

Used one until we out grew it, and once dialed in it was a work horse…its prolly the buffer settings