M-Audio Settings

M-Audio Settings

For anyone with an M-Audio Delta sound card, wanting to setup the M-Audio for two channels recording.

The WDM driver seems to work well.


(PS Use the latest Driver from M-Audio)

Hey Guy, thanks for the screenshot. I’m having a #### of a time getting my new Audiophile 2496 card to work with my newly upgrade v4 of NTRACK. I’ve tried the same setup you posted but am still having issues. Could you possibly post screenshots of your input vu meter preferences? Also I noticed your sampling frequency is at 48000, shouldn’t the delta card support 96000 ( i can’t get it to work, i can only get 16bit to work properly).


By the way, how do you make those screenshots?

You can take screenshots by holding the alt key and the prnt scrn button at the same time, you can then paste it into ms paint

Alt-Print Screen only gets a shot of the active window. If you want the whole screen, just press Print Screen. Just a little tip. :)

after reading the past posts I’m seeing most people using WDM instead of ASIO. Is there a reason for this. I’m using ASIO with mu omnistudio and it works fine…just wondering!

Quote (cruiser @ Nov. 02 2004,15:20)
after reading the past posts I'm seeing most people using WDM instead of ASIO. Is there a reason for this.

I use wdm-drivcers with M-Audio 1814 because then I'm able to change buffer settings, sample rates etc from n-track. If I use ASIO, the only way to tweak the settings is from the control panel of M-audio unit.

Nothing wrong wuíthg that per se, but it seems I have to quit N-track before I can made any changes in the settings in M-audio control panel.

Therefore, WDM seems more convenient.

You can access the M audio control panel from within n-track.

Click on the little hammer at the foot of the recording vu meter, then click on “asio setting”, then click on “asio control panel”.

Mike F

I can get into asio control panel, but the settings won’t change if the n-track is running. Strange?

Quick question about the delta card settings in the windows control panel. In the xp sound control devices, I’m unable to adjust or view the recording levels of the inputs. For the playback device, however, I can view the volume level controls (wave, cd player,etc…). I’m using a delta66. Any one else have this problem??