m-audio trigger finger as control surface?

hi guys, i recently purchased an electronic drum kit to replace the midi controller i was using… now, the midi controller is of no use as a drum programming tool… however, it (m-audio trigger finger) has four sliders, 12 knobs, and 16 pads… my hope is that i will be able to use it as a controller for n-track for simple operations like start/stop/record, etc… however, whenever i connect it, it controls my drum head… i have just ordered a book on midi in hopes of getting up to speed… have any of you guys used such a device as a controller for n-track?..


My guess is that both the Trigger Finger and the drum head are using the same MIDI channel. Maybe CH10 (GM spec)? Assuming everything is connected to the same MIDI chain.

I just got one of these myself and can’t figure out how to get it to play a softsynth or sampleplayer, like BFD. I need to spend some quality time with this thing. :D


i am actually going to ebay this thing (m-audio trigger finger), unless someone here wants a good deal on it… i could never get it to work properly with my setup… however, i suspect that it would be very useful for the musician who actually know how to use it! :)