M-Audio USB Mobile Pre


using m-audio mobile pre usb. When i boot n-track it plays at a high sampling rate, as if the sampling has changed, after some random tweaking it works ok for a few seconds and crashes. running Pentium 4 Win XP 500mg Ram. N-Track version 4. :angry:

Under ntracks’ file/settings/preferences/audio devices/advanced you should uncheck “keep audio devices open” as the ASIO driver will keep this checked. You will have to do this periodically during a mixing session. cntrl/p is a shortcut as you will be doing this a lot.
Hope this is the fix for you.

ok will give it a try…thanks

Are you using a laptop? Havnt seen too many people using this soundcard, sure would be helpful to bounce questions off of each other. I only use it for portable recording, USB-1 streaming is absolutely fine for 2 input channels, multiple mixing-new-input output streaming (unlike many people here that say you need at least USB-2 for DAW work) this sucker works pretty darn well,and it has mic preamps built in as well that dont require a wall power supply. With laptop and dual power batteries, can record or mix for more than an hour.
I personally love it, hope you do too. Hope to de-bunk the laptop USB-2 bologney, you do not have to have firewire or USB-2 to use a laptop unless you are using more than 2-inputs.

For the home recordist, one-man-band, this I/O device is absolutely a great piece of hardware.


running off a desktop, had problems with PCI-based cards, decided to go USB. It’s a good little unit, but if I cant resolve my software issues, I’m sunk :( :(

OK…think it’s working now… not sure what I did.
I think I switched it to the MME drivers instead of AISO or WDM.

anyway it seems to be working…and with no lag. sweet. :D
added bonus: It works in Sonar, too.