Mac Beta 0.6.2 build 2673 problem

says my activation codes are corrupted

I haven’t used n-Track for a few weeks, and when I fired it up today I got a notice that the beta had expired and I needed to buy the new version.

After downloading the newest (still Beta for Mac) 0.6.2 and installing it, I was asked for my license, which I provided in the proper slots.

I was informed they were not the proper codes, or that they were corrupted. What’s up? I thought I didn’t need to buy an upgrade until the beta went live and the next version (probably 7, I figure) was released.

Trying to run Mac version Beta 0.6.2, build 2673 on my iMac, Snow Leopard.

Please email me privately to with your email and registration codes so I can check what the problem is.


Never mind. I just discovered that I had attempted to reinstall the previous version by mistake. I download the files, and keep the latest and sometimes more in my download folder. I had deleted everything except the last download (n-track(3)), and when I downloaded the current version, it was saved with no copy number.

When I went to install it, I chose the (3), or the existing file to install. I was just attempting to reinstall the old version to get the build number, and discovered my error.

Sorry, I’ve got to come up with a better way of keeping track of builds.