Mac OS 32 vs 64


I’ve used my M-Audio USB interfaces (Duo and now Fast Track Ultra) for several years, but I’m not real up on the technical stuff behind how they work.
My goal is to plug in and record - quick and simple.

Can someone explain the difference between 32bit vs 64bit, why I should pick one over the other, and any issues I need to check into with with my M-audio equipment.

For example, when I open my Fast Track Ultra UI, I don’t see anywhere I can even select 32bit, 64bit, or any other value.

I’m using an iMac with OS X VER 10.6.4


I can tell you that running 32bit OS would have better compatibility with VST’s and other software, where 64bit OS might be faster and support more memory, you’ll have to make sure all your stuff will work under a 64bit environment. I do know many VST’s only work in 32bit OS’s